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Quicken Diagnostic is a state of the art clinical laboratory that blends the lastest methods with cutting edge technology to provide comprehensive clinical testing and monitoring. Our advanced testing facility uses advanced Liquid Chromatograohy/Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) technology to test drug in urine and oral fluids. Our mission is to deliver accurate results in the shortest time-frame possible for our clients

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  • Our proven results at Quicken Diagnostics is the culmination of the efforts from our staff of experts in their field. From the highest quality methods in toxicology testing and drug monitoring, to the thorough understanding of State and Federal requirements, Quicken Diagnostics is the leading source for all your toxicology testing needs.


  • Quicken Diagnostics understands the need for your practice to remain compliant to government and DEA regulations. You can rest assured that we will guide and educate you throughout the entire process. Our staff will walk alongside you, every step of the way. We are a Michigan-based company with broad expertise in local regulations in the state in addition to across the nation.


  • We understand the importance of drug monitoring for patients on potentially harmful narcotics. Our services will discourage the use of illicit drugs, allowing our physicians to become more effective and efficient in the process.